Auto DM (New Followers)

How to use Auto Direct Message (New Followers) function

By selecting the Auto DM option in the left-hand side menu, you can setup the Auto DM feature. This feature helps you automatically send a direct message to the new followers of your Instagram Account.

In order to set up auto DM feature, use the following step by step guide:

  1. Click the Auto DM (New Followrs) option in the left-side menu

  2. Select account and you will be automatically directed to the Auto-DM page.

On the Settings tab, use the following step by step guide to configure the filtering options for the Auto DM feature:

  1. Optional*: Select the auto-repost speed in the Speed drop-down list.

  2. Select the status in the Status drop-down field to be Running.

  3. Recommended: Select to pause this feature over night.

Please note that ignoring this setting your account may start receiving a lot of Feedback Required errors.

4. Click the Save button.

On the Messages tab, fill in the message text area with a message which you want to send to the new follower. You can enter a few messages from which the bot will be able to choose from when sending a new message.

Activity Log tab lists all actions taken by the bot. This will indicate date/time person and message which was sent to the new follower. Please keep in mind that the bot will indicate an error if there has been no new followers.

*Note: Free Trial accounts are limited to Very Slow speeds ONLY. In order to unlock more speed options your account needs to be a paid account.