Auto Unfollow

How to remove followed users automatically

By clicking the Auto Unfollow option in the left-hand side menu, you can setup the Auto Unfollow feature. This feature helps you to remove follow feature on Instagram automatically.

  1. Click the Auto Unfollow option in the left-side menu

  2. Click the account, and you will be automatically directed to the Auto Unfollow page

On this page, perform the below steps:

  1. Optional*: Select the auto-unfollow speed in the Speed drop-down list.

  2. Type in the white-list the names of the users you want to keep following - otherwise there is a risk of unfollow on those users - and check the option "don't unfollow my followers".

  3. Choose from the "Source" option if you want to remove the follow to all followed users or only those followed through the Bot.

  4. Select the status in the Status drop-down field to be Running.

  5. We also recommend to pause the actions for night-time.

Please note that ignoring this setting your account may start receiving a lot of Feedback Required errors.

6. Click on the Save

For best results, we recommend that you enable this feature only after the number of accounts followed becomes high. It is not recommended to use this feature and auto follow at the same time.

*Note: Free Trial accounts are limited to Very Slow speeds ONLY. In order to unlock more speed options your account needs to be a paid account.