How to setup and use BOOST! module

This automation feature is only available for plans with BOOST! module.

BOOST! module was introduced in order to simplify the setup required for all your automation modules and add in extra filtering options.


This module includes all automation actions such as:

Available sources

The module allows you to choose from the following sources in order to perform automation actions:

  • #Hashtags

  • Places

  • People

Filtering options

Unlike other automation modules, BOOST! offers additional filtering options as described below:

  • Automation Speed

  • Should the automation target business accounts, personal accounts or both

  • If the automation needs to only interact with a specific gender

  • Should the automation ignore private accounts?

  • Should the automation ignore profiles without a picture?

Extra Features

Follow + Like

It is also possible to allow the module to automatically follow and like the same post from the followed user: