This page explains how to use the Hyperlook feature.

How to set up the Hyperlook module

  1. Purchase the Hyperlook module - choose between 1 day, 30 days or 12 months.

  2. Choose an account and select between followers or following *.

  3. Search for similar Instagram accounts using the search section(this can be found above the speed control.)

  4. Select from a speed setting - we have the maximum speed currently set at 400,000 views a day for safety reasons.

  5. You can schedule the Hyperlook feature each day between a specific time. We do not recommend running Hyperlook constantly.

  6. Ensure that the status is set to Active and click Save.


Followers - if you target a profile, our bot will target all of the Instagram profiles who are following this profile

Following - if you target a profile, the bot will target the accounts who the Instagram profile is following

We strongly recommend against running both modules at the same time. We have built in a mass looking service into the new Hypervote if you wish to have this option.

Speed Settings

You will see the estimate speed which your account is running at.

These values indicate the maximum amount of stories viewed per day and are not exact.


The account stats show you the accounts which you have viewed.

You can also see, by day of the week, the volume of Instagram Story views.

The activity log shows you which stories are marked as seen.


Click here for more information on pricing for Hyperlook.