This page will tell you how to get the most out of Hypervote.

How to set up the Hypervote Module

  1. Purchase the Hypervote module - choose between 1 day, 30 days or 12 months.

  2. Choose an account and select between likers or followers. *

  3. Search for similar Instagram accounts in your target niche using the search section (this can be found above the Active Services.

  4. Select the services you want Hypervote to activate - Poll Votes, Question Answers, Slider Points & Quiz Answers. There is also a Mass Story View service if you want to run Masslooking as well **

  5. Enter your answers that Hypervote will use for Question Answers (if selected) ***

  6. Enter your values for the Slider Points, from 0 to 100.

  7. Enter your choice for the Poll Answer option.

  8. Enter your choice for the Login & Logout Timer.

  9. Select a speed setting - you can respond to up to 400,000 Instagram Stories per day

  10. Experimental features - Hypervote will only react with fresh stories within the selected time period.

  11. You can schedule the Hypervote feature each day between specific times. We do not recommend running Hypervote constantly.

  12. Ensure the status is set to Active and click Save.

* Followers - For the profiles you have specified as targets, Hypervote will target all the accounts that are following these profiles.

Following - For the profiles you have specified as targets, Hypervote will target all the accounts that these profiles are following.

** We strongly recommend against running both modules at the same time, hence the option to view stories within the Hypervote module at reduced speeds.

*** A minimum of 50 separate answers are recommended in order to avoid being flagged as a spammer. Use separate lines for unique responses by typing in each answer followed by pressing return.

Speed Estimates

From the Hypervote Dashboard, you will see the estimated speed at which your account is running at. These values represent the maximum amount of reacts per day and are not exact.

When you are using the maximum speed you may exceed the Hypervote limits faster than usual. We recommend using a speed value of 400,000 react/day. If you are using another type of automation, we recommend you reduce the speed of Hypervote.


Click the Stats tab at the top of your Hypervote account page. Here you will see all of the target accounts that Hyperlink is using to target the followers or following. You can also see a breakdown of the past week's reactions by day of the week.

Activity Log

Click the Activity Log tab at the top of your Hypervote account page. This will show you exactly how Hypervote is reacting with other users, including the nature of the response as well as the time it was given.


Click here for more information on pricing for Hypervote.