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Account Settings and Security
Instagram Bot Follower is always working to keep your account as secure as possible. We recommend using a third party mobile proxy to keep your account working safely.

Proxies and Cookies

You can now select "swap proxy" or "clear cache" without entering your password again. This should be done if you receive a Feedback Required message on your Instagram account. For full details on adding proxies and keeping your account secure, please visit our FAQ page.
Instagram now detects static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are masslooking stories and blocks IP addresses for 12 hours. If you using masslooking feature, you must use a dynamic mobile proxy or rotate ipv4 / ipv6 proxies.

iOS Device Emulator

Hyper is now one of the only automation services that allows iOS access to Instagram's API.
iOS devices are inherently more secure than Android devices, so if the bot accesses the API under the guise of an iOS device, it's trust score goes up.
By default, a new account will automatically be added as an iOS device, and can be switched to Android if you choose.
From the Accounts section, click on options then choose Switch Platform to switch from Android and iOS.

Adding a Proxy

    From the accounts page click on the account you wish to change and click Edit.
    You will now see the account settings page.
    Purchase a mobile proxy or use our supplier from here.
    Copy the proxy IP and user settings into the proxy box.
    Click the Only swap the proxy box.
    Click Save Changes
Your proxy must be entered in the following formats:
http://user:[email protected]:port
You can swap proxies at anytime by keying in your new proxy settings and selecting the Only swap the proxy box. Once you hit Save Changes the proxy will be swapped and the Instagram API does not get a log in request from IBF.

Clearing Cookies

If for any reason the Feedback Required messages persist on Instagram then it is time to clear the cache.
    From the accounts page click on the account you wish to change and click Edit.
    You should see the account settings page.
    Click Only clear the cookies box.
    Click Save Changes.
If this fails and you still receive the Feedback Required message then proceed to the steps below.

Delete Account

If the problem still persists then you have to delete the account from IBF entirely.
    From the accounts page click on the account you wish to Delete and click edit.
    Select Delete.
If you have any question regarding this article or the problem persist please contact us.
Last modified 8mo ago