Re-login Required

How to Fix Re-login Required for Your Instagram Account

When you logged into your dashboard did you notice that your account is no longer linked to IBF?

Don't worry, it's a normal thing that sometimes can happen. Usually, this happens when the automation is running at the same time when someone is using your Instagram account at the same time. (i.e. you are using the Instagram app on your phone at the same time when our automations are set to run) In this guide we will explain you how to reconnect your profile in a few simple steps. Some users might be asked to re-login their Instagram accounts over and over again.

You may be required to temporarily remove your Instagram account from our platform and re-add it after 2-4 hours.

Additional method to get arround constant re-login is to use a different proxy or clearing account cookies. This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Log in to our platform.

  2. Navigate to the Acounts page.

  3. Select three dots at the upper right corner of the account in question.

  4. Click the Edit account button.

  5. Add in the new proxy address, select "Only swap the proxy" checkbox and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, select "Only clear cookies" checkbox and click Save Changes.

NOTE: When selecting "Only swap the proxy" or "Only cler cookies" options, Instagram account password is not required to entered.